Who is this partnership for?

  • You create WordPress courses, tutorials or documentations?

  • You're not earning enough with your current affiliate partnerships.

  • You are interested in permanent income in the 4-digit range per month?

  • Interested in making your courses even easier for your students?

  • You are also a reseller and want to automatically install websites for your students

Advantages for your students

Your students will thank you for it because the complete installation process is omitted. Your customers don't need to order hosting, install WordPress, install a theme or install plugins.

You are lecturer, we host


We offer you 60% commission for the first 12 months of the subscriptions you refer.

After 12 months you get 20% of the customers subscriptions you refer. You will get this 20% as long as the customer's membership lasts.

Calculation example

When a customer signs up for a Gold Membership you will receive
$29.95 * 0.6 = $18 commission x 12 months = $216
The average website customer stays with their provider for at least 5 years. So you get additionally
$29.95 * 0.2 = $6 commission x 12 months = $72 x 4 years = $288

So one customer will bring you up to $504
Do the math with your current degrees.

How to do it?

It's easy with our automatic installation process.
When a customer fills out the form, an account is automatically created on our server and the pre-built website is installed.

The process is as follows.

1. you register as an affiliate
2. you create a course. The course can also act only as a landing page to which you links.
4. you create a pre-built WordPress website that has the status at which your course starts.
5. you send us the access data to this page so that we can set up a backup with Duplicator. The page is then backed up once a week on our server and is thus always up to date.
6. we add a form on your landing page through which your students can directly install your pre-built WordPress website on our server.
7. you create your next WordPress courses or your next WordPress report with a link and a reference to your landing page.

You are a lecturer and host yourself


Your students want to learn how to build a WordPress website, how to build a Woocommerce store, or how to build a membership site.
You make it easier than ever for them because you offer them to install a course website that already has all the plugins and theme pre-installed.
So you start without having to buy hosting, buy plugins or spend money on the theme.

  • 1

    You book a vps or a root server

    All VPS or root servers that we have tested work with our system. The following conditions are important.
    1. root access
    2. WHM/cpanel or Plesk server management
    3. automatic SSL certificate creation

  • 2

    You register with us as an affiliate/lecturer

    After you have signed up as an affiliate/lecturer you can create a course.
    You can also use the course page just as a landing page that you link to from your Youtube course or from any other page.

  • 3

    You create a ready-made website for your course

    For each course you create, you can create a pre-built WordPress website that will be automatically installed on your server for your students.

  • 4

    Create installation as product

    In the course settings you can enter a price for the installation of your pre-built page. The price must be at least 15$. Otherwise there are no rules.
    As an affiliate you get 20% as installation commission. After that you have a new customer on your server.

  • 5

    We do the setup for you

    You buy one setup package per prebuilt website from us and send us the access data to your server and to your prebuilt website so that we can set up and test the installation routine.

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