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First steps before install woocommerce for WordPress

Manfred 6. June 2022

This video is about some important points to consider before installing woocommerce for WordPress. First of all, you should remember that an online store usually needs more power than a normal website. Products, payment systems and the complete checkout process need more database access.

So you should be sure that your web hosting can deliver that. With a Gold membership at websiteakademie.com this is guaranteed. But of course you can also choose any other provider you trust to make sure your store is a great experience for your visitors.

To be sure that your store has the necessary speed you can visit our course on increasing WordPress speed.

It is at least as important that you have an SSL certificate for your domain. Most providers offer this for free. Of course you can also get an SSL certificate from us.

These are the most important points you have to consider outside your WordPress website. It is just as important to protect your Woocommerce store from the inside. In this video we also show you how to install a security plugin. Please note that you get the iTheme Security plugin from us when you sign up for a silver membership or install a course website.

Also, the use of a capcha for all forms is highly recommended to increase the security of your store. Google recapcha is today’s standard and it is easy to set.

In this video you will also be shown how to install Hello Theme and Elementor Pro. You should take a look at it, but keep in mind that our course test site already has everything pre-installed for you.

Now you can go on with installing woocommerce for WordPress Tutorial