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Easily create a WordPress site on our server. Your site will be installed in 15 minutes. So you can start with your project immediately without booking a hosting with a provider. When you are done with your project, you can easily move the site to your, or your client's hosting with Duplicator. You can also book hosting with us and simply leave the website.

Create a website for free

Install WordPress Website Online in 15 Minutes


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    Get started immediately without installation

    Fill out the form and you'll get the login details to your new WordPress website in 15 minutes. So you can get started right away with no startup costs. As a beginner you can test if WordPress is the right tool for you.

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    Email support and advice

    You can always contact our email support. We will be happy to help you with the creation of your website.

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    Professional plugins worth 800€

    The WordPress website is pre-installed with the plugins we also use as an agency. These are professional plugins that actually cost 800€ per year. We have agency licenses for these plugins and are thereby authorized to equip our customers' websites with them.

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    Start professionally without detours

    There are about 60,000 plugins for WordPress. It is obvious that there are also many unprofessional ones. It has taken us hundreds of hours over the last few years to find the best plugins. You don't have to do that anymore.

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    Learn and produce professionally

    Sure! There are hundreds of video tutorials about build a website for free with WordPress. With 60,000 plugins and 10,000 themes, it is very unlikely that you will find a tutorial that explains the plugins that you have installed in your WordPress website or that you need for your business. So you actually have to search tutorials for these plugins. Our test site has exactly the plugins we explain in the tutorials.

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    After you have created the website there are several options.

    1. You can easily move your site to your provider with Duplicator and buy the plugin licenses yourself.
    2. You can easily move your site to your provider with Duplicator and book the complete plugin package for 14,95€ per month with us. (For this we need to get an admin account on your website)
    3. You just let us host your site. For 39,95€ per month you get a professional WordPress hosting from us. All plugins are of course licensed by us on your site.

Create WordPress website now for free

No obligation!

You have no obligations when you create a test website with us. It's all about getting to know our system. After one month you can decide if you want to sign up for a membership to continue using the site. If we do not hear from you, the page will be deleted after one month. So you don't have to worry about anything.

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WordPress Website erstellen kostenlos

Plugins and extensions

These plugins are pre-installed in the trial version.



Depending on the course you are taking, you can activate the used theme. All themes that are covered in the courses are installed.

  • Astra Pro Theme

    You save $59 per year

    There are many themes in the WordPress world. Astra convinced us, and what's more, it is available in a bundle with the Ultimate AddOns.
    The success of the Astra theme is overwhelming. It came onto the market only about 4 years ago and has become the market leader in that time. Just like with the Beaver Builder and the Beaver Builder Add ons, you can decide which areas you want to load at all to reduce the loading time. Many theme makers load everything into the header even if it is not used. This difference makes the Astra theme one of the fastest on the WP market.
    Click here to go to the plugin page

  • OceanWP Theme

    You save $35 per year

    If you want to take Tim's Elementor Pro course, your course website will be pre-installed with the OceansWP theme. So you don't have to install a free version. The professional version allows several functions that are very helpful. In addition, a paid version is always better in the long run because these versions are maintained in shorter intervals, so your site is always up to date.
    Click here to go to the plugin page


The editor is the plugin that extends your WordPress site with "construction kit" features. So you can easily edit your page with drag and drop. The course page has Elementor and Beaver Builder installed. Depending on the course you take, you can activate or deactivate the plugins.

  • BeaverBuilder

    You save $99 per year
    Create website made easy!!!
    BeaverBuilder is the editor with which you can easily edit your website. We have been using this editor for more than 6 years and we have never been disappointed. When we started working with one editor we tested several. The big disadvantage with editors is that the loading times deteriorate dramatically because a lot of code is output and because the DOM size increases dramatically. Beaver Builder has actually done a good job here from the beginning because it only inserts the codes into the page that are necessary for the modules used.
    Click here to go to the plugin page

  • Beaver Themer

    You save $149 per year

    With Beaver Themer you can create templates for content types or page areas.

    For example, you can create different header areas and different footer areas and even display them only on certain pages. Or you can create one template for all products and one for all posts. The possibilities are extremely extensive. For example, if you create Custom Post Types, you can design the detail page with Beaver Themer.
    Click here to go to the plugin page

  • Elementor you save $49 per year

    Elementor is the most widely used website editor for WordPress. Elementor therefore has a very large community and very many developers who create and distribute extensions for Elementor.
    Click here to go to the plugin page

Editor extensions

BeaverBuilder and Elementor are already very extensive in the professional versions. But you also get the Ultimate Add Ons from us to really get everything out of the plugins.

Other important plugins

Below you can see which other plugins are installed on the course page, or can be installed. As a member, you can download and install these plugins at any time. We only need an admin access to enter the license key.

  • WP Rocket accelerates your site

    You save $39 per year

    As you read above, speed is a big issue with WordPress. Because with all love and with all fexibility you have to honestly say that in the load time is the biggest problem of WordPress sites. Therefore, there are also some plugins for this that you should take a look at. We have chosen WP Rocket. To speed up the loading time you need a cache plugin. Cache plugins are also available for free. For the desktop version of your site these are actually also sufficient, but for the optimization of the mobile version of your site you need to upgrade most plugins. WP Rocket is one of the best plugins.
    Click here to go to the plugin page

  • Gravity Forms

    You save $59 per year

    To call Gravity Forms a simple form plugin would not be fair. Sure you can create simple forms but you can do that with other form plugins too. Also with free versions. With Gravity Forms you can create progress forms as they are used today for extensive feedback queries or step-by-step forms. It can also be used to create and modify content. Gravity Form is one of the plugins that are not available for free at all. But from us you will get this plugin as long as you have a subscription with us.
    Click here to go to the plugin page

  • Save Email Lists with Convert Pro

    You save $79 per year

    Since you are in the process of creating a website or would like to create one yourself, I assume that you have already come across several offers on the subject of email marketing. There are enough "marketing professionals" on Facebook. Email marketing is a very important component to the success of a business that is focused on online presence. But these emails have to come from somewhere and they have to be collected somewhere. Convert Pro is one of the leading plugins for collecting emails to grow your newsletter list. Create popups or canvas overlays with form function. These form entries will be added directly to your newsletter list with your mail provider.
    Click here to go to the plugin page

  • iThemes Security

    You save $80 per year

    The software systems that are the most widespread are also the ones that are attacked the most often. This is logical because the chances of success are greater with many websites. WordPress should be protected in any case. It starts with good hosting. But an important component for a secure WordPress site is also to use a security plugin.

    There are very good ones here like Wordfence or Ninja Every online application should be secured. Of course, it also depends on how bad it would be for you if a website is unavailable for an hour, for example, or how critical the data on your website is.

    A permanent security monitoring on a high level is very complex, which is why there are no agency solutions for these two plugins that fit into our concept. You have to order these plugins yourself. From us you get iThemes Security. iTheme Security provides a good basic protection and is perfectly sufficient for normal websites.
    Click here to go to the plugin page

  • Backup Buddy

    You save $80 per year

    There are also some good backup plugins. There are also free versions here that do a good job. However, the free versions all lack the ability to automatically create backups in time cycles. But this function must be included because who wants to log in every day to manually create a backup. From us you get Backupbuddy or Duplicator.
    Click here to go to the plugin page

  • SEO plugin

    You save $59 per year

    Creating a website nowadays also always means "SEO SEO SEO". It's not for nothing that you see so many promotional videos and other offers for search engine optimization.

    Search engine optimization is really a very important, but also extensive topic. A short adaptation with a few keywords distributed on the page as it was sufficient 8 years ago is long past.

    To get to the top of the search engines and to stay there, Google and Co. have only one reason. VALUABLE CONTENT. If you run a website with content that thousands of other websites have, it will be difficult. Especially when your competition has been on the market for a long time. You can only beat this competition with real added value.

    Of course, load time, structure, etc. are also very important, but nothing beats valuable content. Because if your content makes customers stay longer on your site and maybe even encourages website owners to feature your site on theirs, you have followed two more points that are very important for Google. Backlinks, i.e. links from other sites to yours and dwell time on your site. All of this must be reviewed, managed, administered, and improved as needed. That's why SEO optimization costs so much, because a lot is really done here.

    You also have to keep at it. Once on top does not mean you stay there. Your content should grow to keep your prospects coming back to your site. For all these tasks you can use a plugin that was released only about 3 years ago, but in our opinion it does an extremely good job and helps you with all settings. The professional version of Rank Math is installed on the test site and will remain on your site as long as you have a subscription with us.

  • Amelia Booking

    You save $53 per year

    Amelia Booking is an excellent plugin to add booking options to your website. Whether events, salon appointments or courses. The plugin is optimal for doctors, hairdressers, barbers, yoga and other salons. But you can also charge for services like online meetings.
    Click here to go to the plugin page

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