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If you fill out this form, you will get a ready-made online store based on WordPress and Woocommerce in 15 minutes. You can work on it in the same way as with an empty course page, except that some things are already prepared for your industry.

In 15 minutes
you have a new online store

You get a WordPress website that is specifically set up as a store.
The website contains Woocommerce as a store system. You only have to enter your data and your products. After that you can start right away and sell products online.

These templates (and more) are available to help you build your new store as quickly as possible.

Your new online store based on WordPress is optimally prepared. You just need to enter your business data and insert products. You can see how this works in the video tutorial.

Create online store

Sport Shop

This template is specially prepared for a sports store. You only have to enter your products.

Onlineshop erstellen kostenlos

Beauty Shop

This template is prepared for beauty stores. Colors and images are specially adapted to it.

Mode Online Shop

Store for shoes/fashion

If you want to sell shoes and fashion, you should take a look at this template.

Pflanzen Online-Shop

Plants and natural products

For a plant and flower store, this is the perfect template. It's best to take a look at them.


Plants Shop

Another template for your plant or flower store is this design. Watch it to make up your mind.

Büroeinrichtung Shop

Store for office furniture

This design is optimal if you want to realize a furniture store. The sample is equipped with office furniture.

Bio Onlineshop erstellen

Organic Products Shop Template

Here you can see a template for an organic products store. You just have to change the products.

Mode Onlineshop

Fashion Shop

This fashion store design allows you to build a fashion store in a few minutes.

Onlineshop für Schmuck erstellen

Jewelry Shop

Are you a jeweler or are you building a jewelry store? Then you should take a look at this design.

Sportshop erstellen

Bicycle online store

We have also prepared something for two-wheeler stores. In a few minutes you have an online store for bicycles.


Fashion Shop

Another fashion store design to create a beautiful online store for fashion stores.

Beauty Shop erstellen

Beauty Shop

Here you can see another online store design for a beauty store. Click on Demo and check it out.

Babyshop erstellen

Baby Shop

Baby clothes, toys, baby food and everything about baby is the theme of this template. Just take a look.

  • Online store head

    A header image is an important thing to emotionally convince your future customers about your products. Most often, a slogan is embedded in the header image, which should additionally awaken the needs of your customers. We have already integrated a header image in the templates. You can easily replace or remove this image.

    Create online store for free

  • Product offers

    After the header area comes the feature product area. So an area where you show interesting products or offer special deals. Here you can of course also view newly arrived products.

    Create online store now

  • Categories area

    The next area often displays the store categories. Here, of course, there are many options. You can include beautiful images that reflect your categories or you can include an additional menu to show your customers which categories you offer.

  • Store Blog

    A blog is of course a good thing in a store as well. You should definitely include a blog to give your customers tips or write reports. If you have an online store with hiking equipment, for example, it would be of great advantage to present hiking reports and beautiful destinations in your blog. Google notices that your store content is growing and will rate it well. In addition, your number of visitors will grow through these posts. This also helps with search engine positioning in the long run.

  • Store system

    Your store will be created with the Woocommerce plugin. Woocommerce is by far the most widely used store plugin for WordPress, with over 5 million installations. Since there are many developers who have made WordPress and Woocommerce development their profession, there are thousands of Woocommerce extensions available. For example, you can integrate almost all payment systems into Woocommerce via third-party plugins. It is also possible to offer subscription systems or installment payment. Everything is possible here.

  • Customer reviews

    A store must create trust. The best way to do this is to create an area that displays customer opinions. You can request customer reviews from your buyers via email. There are also plugins from developers who have specialized in this. When you have finished setting up your store, you can uninstall such a plugin.

  • Contact

    Of course, your customers must be able to contact you or your team at any time. For this purpose, we have already integrated a contact area on each of our templates.

    Create online store

  • Advantages

    1. These online store templates have pre-installed plugins worth about 500€ per year.
    2. Of course, you can draw from the full and use all the other plugins we provide.
    3. With us, these plugins are included.

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The templates you see here are all available after installation. After you have installed the page you need to choose a template. Watch the video to learn how to choose the template you want in just a few steps. Prices for our memberships.


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You have no obligations when you create a test website with us. It's all about getting to know our system. After one month you can decide if you want to sign up for a membership to continue using the site. If we do not hear from you, the page will be deleted after one month. So you don't have to worry about anything.

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